Sperm volume

When sperm volume becomes smaller, it is linked to the health and addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity and hormonal disorders – these are the main reasons that influence the formation of sperm and lower sperm volume. Sperm volume, the quality and reduce the sperm count and some medications. To increase sperm volume, it is necessary, first of all, eliminate all the bad habits and factors. A healthy lifestyle is the key to success. It is a healthy lifestyle is a method of prevention and prevention of various diseases and abnormalities in humans. Sports, morning exercise, walking or jogging is the best medicine. It is necessary to avoid overeating, as obesity leads to a decrease in sperm volume. Constant stress overload and lead to depletion of the nervous system, and consequently to a deterioration of the composition of sperm and its volume. Frequent exposure to cold, catarrhal phenomena, infections, various diseases of the testes as unacceptable and have a negative effect on the fertility of the male body.

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sperm volume
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If you notice at the symptoms associated with a decrease in sperm volume, you should immediately see a doctor and get expert advice. As mentioned above, the number of sperm is influenced by various factors. Only a doctor can determine the root cause, which affects the development of your disease, and conducting analyzes of the respective appropriate treatment. The main thing we need to understand what affects your reproductive quality. Sperm volume that is, its quantity or quality of sperm, ie the number of sperm per milliliter and their mobility. In a healthy male in one milliliter of semen must be no less than 15 million sperm cells and semen volume must be not less than 1.5 milliliters.
In addition to medications for the treatment of these diseases is very important part in the treatment of the patient. Get rid of bad habits to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, get rid of excess weight, less subject to the nervous system to various stresses, load balancing and recreation, eat right. Without the help and active participation of the patient’s treatment can be delayed for a long time and be very effective. In the treatment of all it is important and what clothes you wear and what sport you’re doing. For example, prolonged cycling contraindicated. But Power necessary to be taken very seriously. To develop normal sperm volume is enough in your diet to include foods high in antioxidants is fruits and vegetables. As well as protein products of meat, fish, legumes and nuts. Together, you will easily defeat the disease. The main time to seek professional medical help and lead a healthy life without bad habits.