Sperm count

It is clearly a fact that many men have low sperm count. Therefore, due to this fact, a lot of men have the anxiety of increasing their sperm count. This is something that not only men want, but also women whose husbands have these kind of a problem, make it their duty to find ways to get rid of the problem. But, however much you want to increase your sperm count, always consider the quality of the sperm.
What to do when you have low sperm count.
If you happen to have low sperm count and you still need to have a child, it is highly recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice and discuss with him or her the available alternatives. Your doctor will help you determine the cause of the decrease sperm count and give you the best suggestions towards increasing them. The doctor will work closely with you to make sure that you are able to get a child as you want. Also you can achieve this by yourself. This is an easy task as all you only need to do to make sure that you accomplish the increment of sperm productivity and so as their quality, you should make sure that:

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1. Eat right.
This is normally the foundation of the entire process. What you will surely determine your sexual life and so as the sperm count. Nowadays, many men have adopted the eating of fast food which is considered bad for sex life. It is normally advised that you eat food that are rich in vitamins. Also make sure that you eat natural foods as much as possible as they are normally good for the sperm production.
2. Take supplements.
To increase your sperm count, you can take supplements that are rich in Vitamin C, those supplement that are rich in Vitamin E which greatly help in the sperm production and also their mobility.
3. Wear the right clothing.
To allow the production of the sperms, it is recommended that you avoid wearing tight clothing especially in the crotch area. You should therefore wear loose, cotton boxer shorts as the tight ones will increase the heat around the testicles thus reducing the rate of sperm production so as the sperm count.
4. Make sure that you stay stress free.
According to several scientific research that have been carried out, it has been proven right that low sperm counts is increase by high level of stress. Therefore, if you happen to have stress, you need to find ways of reducing them. One way of doing this is by practicing yoga as this will reduce your stress and in turn lead to improvement of your sperm quality.
Benefits that are associated with high sperm counts.
Everybody always have the desire of having great sex accompanied by an astonishing pleasure. Well, this is something that is only possible if you happen to have high amount of sperm. As a result of this, your partner to be satisfied and most importantly proud of you after every sexual intercourse. You will have the capability of offering her a long ejaculation and this will always make her like having sex with you every time. Apart from making her satisfied, you will also be proud of your manliness.