Semen volume

To ensure a stable fertility of the male body a huge role, along with other factors, plays a semen volume. This will provide and the quality of sperm and a sufficient number of sperm in it and the necessary mobility. The viscosity of semen and its small amount of negative impact on the life expectancy of sperm inside the vagina. Since some of them are dying for that would overcome the acidic environment of the vagina. And if the semen volume is insufficient, then the surviving sperm can not reach the egg, and fertilization does not occur. Normal sperm count must match 2 – 5 milliliters of a healthy man, able to fertilize.

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The primary factors influencing the semen volume is a disease of the prostate, and a sedentary lifestyle. There is healthy mind in a healthy body. The general improvement of the body affects the prevention of various diseases, which primarily refers to the ability of men and procreation, that is fertility. Special exercises, or exercises Yogi is very good. But not everyone has a healthy male patient enough to deal with such hard exercise for several years. Morning exercises or evening light jogging before going to bed the same will make their positive contribution to the improvement of the body and replace heavy grueling ritual exercise. Yogis can be a very limited number of students. And if we add to this also the strict dietary restrictions yogis, the chances of further decline. The main thing is not to sit all day in front of computer or TV and spend more time outdoors. For example, go to the one-day trips. There is another very important factor affecting male fertility. It’s bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs are the worst enemies of the extension of the life of mankind. Even large coffee consumption negatively affects our most important functions. Instead of coffee is better to drink fresh squeezed juices in various combinations. And the best pomegranate juice. It pomegranate juice, with a daily intake of 100 grams, will help you get closer to the desired dream. This product purifies the blood and stimulates the pancreas. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. Its role is invaluable in solving your problem. It is also necessary to pay attention to stress. The human nervous system is directly connected to all the internal organs and glands. Overloading of the nervous system causing overvoltage endocrine glands and can cause serious problems. A constant stress steady necessarily lead to pathological changes. What a negative impact on the internal glands responsible for the production of the necessary semen volume.
And do not forget to drink plenty of water. The water is always needed by the body, it is the source of our healthy life and the lives of our descendants. Water should drink about 1.5 – 2 liters a day between meals. And if you are involved actively in sports and thus lose a large amount of liquid, the daily volume can be increased to 2.5 liters in the days of workouts.