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Possibility of every child to play the male body is a major factor in the time when it becomes a young family. Both men and women dream of having children and to create this family. If there are children in the family is the key to a strong family happiness. Joint care for children brings together young couple and helps them through difficult times together life together. The absence of children can lead to a rapid disintegration of the family. Now you understand how important family life and the continuation of the human species plays a man’s ability to fertilize. The first sign of this important function is the possibility of a man’s body to produce more sperm during intercourse. The duration of intercourse could be different. And in that short time the male body should be able to work out more sperm. If a man from a young age, and it protects the health of the body is not exposed to bad habits is the ability to reproduce children likely 99 percent. Certainly can affect what the disease or inflammation, possibly unfavorable heredity. This will determine the medicine. But watch out for your health is always beneficial in the fight against any disease, including a lack of fertility. And the main thing in this struggle is the preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of negative symptoms.

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If you have bad habits, such as drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, abuse of strong coffee, you can not avoid it any complications or abnormalities in the body. And if the habit continues long enough, they will lead to pathology. That is a major change in the body, to chronic diseases that require serious treatment and sometimes surgical intervention. Whatever man’s body was able to produce more sperm he must be healthy. Health should be protected from an early age. And do not try to catch elusive health with the help of tablets. But if all the same it happened, immediately throw away the bad habits. Find the strength to deal with them. This will help you such as the simple ways every day to try to smoke per cigarette is less than yesterday, but after some time spending the day without smoking, etc. Try to offer additional incentives to himself. For example: every time want to smoke, remember that you are fighting against this harmful habit is not just because, but for the sake of high noble purpose of procreation of the human, for that would get rid of his illness. And it will give you extra strength in your hard struggle. The victory over bad habits is the first step to recovery. But this is only a general strengthening of your body. Of course you can not do without medical care. The doctor will make the necessary tests and determine the reason for the lack of ability to have fertility. It may be a weak motility of your sperm, and in a small number of sperm, and not sufficient viscosity of your sperm, and maybe not the ability to develop more sperm during intercourse. The reasons for your infertility are many and each requires careful study and research in the laboratory and as a consequence of individual treatments. Doctors know their business and are able to effectively treat you. In addition to procedures and medications experienced doctor will recommend that you be sure to pay attention to proper nutrition. And call the list of products which are recommended to be eaten, and on what must be temporarily abandoned.