Low sperm count

The first sign of low sperm count in the semen of healthy men for the national classifier finds it impossible to conceive a child. Previously it was thought that if a couple can not have children for a long time, but this woman is guilty. That is, the female body for some reason can not, is not capable of reproductive activities. The man, as if everything is in order and normal erection and timely ejaculation and sperm count is sufficient. But in addition to external factors, and are not visible to the factors which affect fertility. This is a low sperm count of men. That is the content of the number of sperm per milliliter of semen is less than 15 million. This is an important indicator. Although fertility is influenced by other factors.

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Modern medicine believes that healthy man at any age is able to impregnate a woman, most importantly be able to deliver sperm to the female egg. Low sperm count and motility are the main factors affecting male fertility. Including these factors depend on external influences. Diet, proper sleep, work and rest, exercise, proper nutrition, that is all what is called the right way of life has a huge impact on the ability to reproduce the necessary number of sperm and their motility and their timely maturation. Naturally, a low sperm count and affect the same problems with sexual function, multiple tumors or swelling in the testis, as well as swelling of veins and various infections. When you exercise you need to remember that a narrow clothes (shorts, swimming trunks) prevents the normal functioning of the testes, as well as long-term cycling. Particularly adversely affected by a sedentary lifestyle, when there is not enough blood supply to the genitals. Men who have not been able to give up bad habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse, intake of drugs, the first fall in the risk group and the percentage of individuals with low sperm count them up. We can not ignore this scourge of our century, like stress. Stress affects the development of many human diseases, including providing special negative effect on the fertility of the male body.
If any suspicion urgently need to see a doctor because timely treatment is the key to successful treatment. The doctor will determine the cause of the disease, will make the necessary tests and prescribe effective treatment. Do not self-medicate, as causes of low sperm count can be very different, even the same banal obesity can cause hormonal changes in men. Treated properly and in a timely manner. It is easier to prevent disease than to treat it. Be healthy and happy.