Increase sperm count

Often men wonder about increase sperm count. This is not mere curiosity or narcissism. To increase sperm count must be good to try. In our bodies nor that there is no perfectly normal, or by magic. In order to increase sperm count body must have a sufficient margin of safety and the accumulation of reserve energy. The stronger and healthier your body, the easier it is to do. A strong young, playing sports or at least, make regular morning exercises, much more productive in terms of fertility than the sick person with a weakened body and immunocompromised. Our body is able to move huge loads and stress, and a trained body is capable of more. But neither that, nor any system can not withstand continuous overvoltage. Permanent overvoltage leads to internal strain on the internal organs and as a result of their disease. A sick body begins to take care of their own bodies. And only in the second turn, and maybe a third, begins to take care of the glands, whose work is aimed at the extension of sorts of their own kind. It is not difficult to understand. That is why the so-called weakened external functions. And the body’s ability to increase sperm count just fades into the background. But man does not think about their health until it is. And only after health is starting to fade a person begins to take care of him. In order to be fully grown body needs not only to relax but also to work physically. Physical inactivity is a disease of this century. Today’s youth spend days and nights at the computer sits. Repeatedly increased amount of harmful radiation that we do not notice. Our body is less and less receives a normal balanced diet. Normal natural foods modern man replaces the fast-food products. The amount of vitamins is sharply reduced. Smoking and drinking are not controlled by the state of quality of alcohol damages the health of young people.

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Physical inactivity and unhealthy habits is the worst enemies of our body, negatively affecting our body’s ability to increase sperm count. Just the ability to work out the right amount of sperm affect infectious diseases, colds, genital infections. His health should be protected always and everywhere. In folk medicine, it is believed that increase sperm count, you can use proper nutrition. First you need to use in food products contain plenty of vitamin E and vitamin C. The beneficial effect on the function of interest to us and the daily consumption of small amounts of pomegranate juice. Drink plenty of clean water and at least drink strong coffee. Water should drink about half a liter a day. Avoid physical and emotional overload. Take care of the nervous system. Set a proper rational balance of work and rest, sleep at least 8 hours. And remember, it’s better to go to bed at 22 o’clock and 6 am wake up, you go after midnight and get up to 11 hours. By setting itself the right not to sleep you break your biological rhythm. And, thus, violating the biological clock of your internal organs. this can lead to their premature wear. Remember that with age, the work of our organs and endocrine glands weakens. For this, try to stay young as long as possible, and this will allow you during intercourse increase sperm count.