How to increase sperm count

In modern society, young people are often faced with the problem that greatly affects the lives of young family together. This inability to have children. Usually they pay attention to the right young woman supposedly being blamed for this problem. After all, the man at first glance, everything is in order. And erection and ejaculation, and duration of intercourse all right. Women once held all the necessary checks by specialists, pass the necessary tests. And the culprit is often the lack of pregnancy is a man. Men have a lot of options for exposure to this diagnosis. And the first of them is not a sufficient volume of semen released during ejaculation. And as a result of an insufficient number of sperm. The question immediately arises how to increase sperm count. This question is not simple. And to solve it is not so easy. Firstly it can identify only the doctor and only after the respective tests. So when a problem occurs in a young family on a long absence of pregnancy should go to the doctor at once both spouses. And the sooner this happens the better it will be the doctor to understand the situation and to appoint effective treatment. It may happen that the cure will only need a man. Often men want their own impact on the acceleration of the course of treatment. They refer to the information posted on the Internet or to traditional medicine. And the first question they ask is how to increase sperm count. Of course the number of sperm is primarily influenced by the amount of semen discharged during sexual intercourse and of course other factors: genetics, stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and more. But we are concerned only with food and do not talk about right lifestyle and bad habits that have a negative impact on the entire body and many other diseases.

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So how to increase sperm count by eating only the “right” foods. Nuts affect the viability and motility of sperm. They should be consumed daily about 100 grams. Just be nice to add to them the seeds of the pumpkin. Several blueberries will have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and increase the amount of antioxidants, which have a protective effect on sperm. Lentils are a source of folic acid has a huge impact on male fertility. One of the best sources of antioxidants are tomatoes. And if you use them with a little olive oil, then it will improve the digestibility and accelerate the accumulation of fat-soluble antioxidants. It is known that pomegranate juice increases the amount of testosterone and thus increases the libido. That in turn has beneficial effects on the formation of the necessary quantity of sperm. The daily intake of 100 grams of natural pomegranate juice helps rapid recovery as well as improve blood circulation and reduce the possibility of heart disease. So I recommend moderate consumption of dark chocolate. In our case it is better to use a dark bitter chocolate. And most importantly, drink plenty of clean water. Our bodies are 70 percent water, and very much in need. Water is life for us. So the life of sperm depends on the amount you drink our water clean. Drink per day for at least 1.5 – 2 liters of clean water. Here we answer the question how to increase sperm count.