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Trevor, Adelaide
I suffered from low semen volume and count and I tried several semen enhancement pills, but nothing worked to my satisfaction. I found your product on the internet and ordered for the same. Not only my semen volume but my sperm count has also increased. I would recommend this product to all men who need an effective sperm enhancement solution.
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Marianne, Germany
After taking Xtracum supplements, my husband has increased his semen volume and he is now a very happy man. Thanks for this amazing product which has helped us rejuvenate our sex life.
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Sperm count
It is clearly a fact that many men have low sperm count. Therefore, due to this fact, a lot of men have the anxiety of increasing their sperm count. This is something that not only men want, but also women whose husbands have these kind of a problem, make it their duty to find ways […]

Low sperm count
The first sign of low sperm count in the semen of healthy men for the national classifier finds it impossible to conceive a child. Previously it was thought that if a couple can not have children for a long time, but this woman is guilty. That is, the female body for some reason can not, […]

Increase sperm count
Often men wonder about increase sperm count. This is not mere curiosity or narcissism. To increase sperm count must be good to try. In our bodies nor that there is no perfectly normal, or by magic. In order to increase sperm count body must have a sufficient margin of safety and the accumulation of reserve […]

More sperm
Possibility of every child to play the male body is a major factor in the time when it becomes a young family. Both men and women dream of having children and to create this family. If there are children in the family is the key to a strong family happiness. Joint care for children brings […]

Produce more sperm
Fertility of the male body is a very complex and important factor in creating and maintaining a family. When man and woman come together and create a family, the presence of children in a family is meant by itself. But if the family has no children, it creates tensions spouses appears nervousness and as a […]

Semen volume
To ensure a stable fertility of the male body a huge role, along with other factors, plays a semen volume. This will provide and the quality of sperm and a sufficient number of sperm in it and the necessary mobility. The viscosity of semen and its small amount of negative impact on the life expectancy […]

How to increase sperm count
In modern society, young people are often faced with the problem that greatly affects the lives of young family together. This inability to have children. Usually they pay attention to the right young woman supposedly being blamed for this problem. After all, the man at first glance, everything is in order. And erection and ejaculation, […]

Sperm volume
When sperm volume becomes smaller, it is linked to the health and addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity and hormonal disorders – these are the main reasons that influence the formation of sperm and lower sperm volume. Sperm volume, the quality and reduce the sperm count and some medications. To increase sperm volume, it is necessary, […]

Do protein shakes increase sperm count
Unlike the choices, recipients may benefit from eggs which are always ready, convenience, effectiveness and affordability. So keep a time gap with the formation of sperm inside the body. Female cheetahs can undergo induced ovulation, which is, they can create a new egg whenever they mate. Consumption of a lot of caffeine and alcohol cast […]

Do new nordic hair volume pills work
It occurs being a series of changes inside the different parts from the cell, for example the mitochondria. Now allow us to discuss regarding the Herbs recognized to improve sperm count, mobility and quality. Sperm which don’t properly ‘swim’, will not get to the egg as a way to fertilize it. The quality and amount […]

Frequently asked questions

Does XTRACUM have any side effects?
XTRACUM has no known side effects. Extensive testing has been performed on the XTRACUM formula so as to guarantee that there are absolutely no unpleasant side effects that could ruin your sexual experience. XTRACUM is entirely compatible with your medication, but you should check with your doctor if you have concerns.

What can XTRACUM do for me?
XTRACUM will help you achieve increased sperm count, increase sperm quality and quantity. It will also add to your all around sexual performance.

How is XTRACUM made?
XTRACUM is manufactured in state of the art facilities that meet even the most demanding standards in hygiene. Our staff consists of highly trained pharmaceutical engineers who oversee every step of the production process to ensure the highest quality products.

Can I take XTRACUM with alcohol?
XTRACUM is effective even when you consume moderate amounts of alcohol. However you should drink within normal limits if you wish to experience the best results.

How does XTRACUM compare to other products available on the market?
XTRACUM is undeniably a premium sperm enhancement formula because of its great efficiency and lack of side effects.

What does XTRACUM contain?
For a detailed look at the XTRACUM formula, read the Why we are #1 page.

What is the correct dosage?
The dosage is 2 pills daily 30 minutes after having a meal with a large glass of water.

Is there any guarantee?
XTRACUM comes with a money refund policy that allows you to try our product without the risk of losing your investment. To find out more, go to our Refund Policy page.

Do you ship overseas?
We operate warehouse on every continent so that XTRACUM can be ordered from all over the world.

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